3W Clinic Collagen Set


3W Clinic Collagen Regeneration Softener :
– This moisturizing Toner with marine collagen and other natural ingredients smooth your skin while deeply hydrating it.
– it also refreshes the skin while keeping the PH balance.
– Helps condition skin to prepare for proper moisture absorption.
3W Clinic Collagen Regeneration Emulsion :
– This moisturizing milk with marine collagen and other natural ingredients locks in the moisture and balances your skin’s oil and water level.
– This lightweight moisturizer actively combats surface dehydration
while smoothing the skin’s surface with marine collagen and other natural ingredients.
3W Clinic Collagen Regeneration Cream :
– This water and oil balanced, right in the middle Marine Collagen Cream supplies nutrition and moisture at the same time.
– It also locks in moisture by forming a thin layer of protective shield.
– With age-fighting collagen, vitamins and minerals, it nourishes mature skin and Regeneration skin cell.
How to Use
* Skin Toner ▶ Emulsion ▶ Cream
Place its appropriate amount on your fingertip and gently pat on from inside out, as if giving a massage.